ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon rear ducktail hood w/ optional race wing


    GMS carbon rear ducktail hood with optional race wing.


    The GMS assembly (GMS carbon rear hood + GMS carbon rear louver (optional) = 3.990g)) is more than 3x lighter than OEM assembly (OEM rear hood + OEM rear glass = 12.590g). It provides a significant weight reduction at the most rear, top end of the car, which means lower center of gravity, better weight distribution and less inertia moment. With seamlessly integrated ducktail, the CFD analyze has shown increased aero downforce, yet perfect air flow, to prevent additional aero drag and top speed loss. Side triangular parts of the ducktail are removable to provide mounting space for vertical brackets for optional GMS carbon race wing. The parts are shaped, to match the 4C's timeless design and make the GMS part looking like an OEM part. Entire GMS assembly is highly detailed and precisely built. The hood includes height adjuster holes, cable guides, tapers, rear lock holes, heat treated engine compartment, and the most important, perfect fit! GMS carbon rear ducktail hood makes a perfect street and track combo, that combines effectivity and enhanced looks, yet it doesn't draw too much of unwanted attention.


    For those looking to step up the game in terms of laptimes and aggressive looks, can choose optional GMS carbon race rear wing, which is mounted to the GMS carbon rear hood. The wing has a span width of 1700mm and chord width of 300mm on the center section and 200mm on the side sections. It also has adjustable angle of attack to provide more or less downforce, depending of your requirements and track layout. Even though it's big, it's curved and shaped to match the 4C's design, so the entire wing fits within the car's boundaries and looks smooth. Together with the rest of GMS carbon fiber part it makes 4C aero effective, fast and agreesive looking bolide.


    Additionally, for those who want to reduce the weight to the maximum and enjoy benefits of increased engine cooling, less aero lift, aero drag and get more aggressive looks, the GMS carbon rear louver is highly recommended upgrade to go along with this GMS carbon rear hood. Read more about the product here.


    All the parts are 100% pure carbon, without fiberglass core, tempered and cured, made of 2x2 Twill 3k carbon fiber to match the rest of the OEM carbon parts of your 4C. They are available in either raw carbon or optional 3x clear coat finish.


    Simplified and generic explanation of aero dynamics of 4C in numbers:

    With properly CFD engineered and designed ducktail over entire rear trunk, smoothly curved lines and height of about 15 cm, CFD anaylze shows 20kg - 30kg of downforce at 160 km/h.


    By adding properly CFD engineered and designed single element, curved race wing with 1700mm span width and 300mm of chord width, your 4C will produce additional 30kg - 40kg of downforce at 160 km/h at 0 degree AOT (angle of attack), while it will only take away about 5 hp (drag). With more agressive AOT at about 10 degress, the estimated downforce is 70kg - 90kg at speed of 160 km/h, while parasitic power loss as a result of increased drag is to be estimated at about 10hp. This is as big wing as you can mount on 4C, within the car's limits (not protruding of the car's body anywhere). 4C is quite light (about 600kg of rear axle gross weight), so a ducktail wing with 20kg - 30kg of downforce in combination with race wing and additional 70kg - 90kg of downforce at 160km/h will provide well over 100kg of downforce at the rear of the car, making the rear end planted at high speed cornering. This is all the downforce your 4C will ever need to outpace your opponnets and set new lap time benchmarks.


    Whatever option you choose, this upgrades will provide significantly increased rear downforce and aggressive race car look. Smashing the laptime records or just standing there attracting the views. It will make your 4C a car that you can't miss. Choose whatever fits your style and needs or if unsure talk to us and we'll help you choose the best option for your needs.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon rear ducktail hood w/ optional race wing

      • More than 3x weight reduction compared with OEM part
      • GMS assembly (GMS carbon rear hood + GMS carbon rear louver (optional) = 3.990g)) vs. OEM assembly (OEM rear hood + OEM rear glass = 12.590g.)
      • Increased aero downforce without race wing (CFD estimated downforce 30kg - 40kg @ 160 km/h)
      • Increased aero downforce with race wing (CFD estimated downforceover 100kg @ 160 km/h)
      • Integrated ducktail with seamless design.
      • Improved weight distribution and inertia moment.
      • Low drag profile and CFD analyzed design for optimal airstream.
      • Designed to replace OEM rear hood.
      • High precision built carbon part for perfect fit.
      • 2x2 Twill 3k carbon fibre, tempered and cured.
      • Pure carbon, without fiberglass core.
      • Optional natural carbon glossy finish with 3x clear coating.
      • Optional GMS carbon race rear wing
      • Optional GMS carbon rear louver