• Styler or performance driver, whatever is your style, we have you covered. Our main priority is performance so let's start here. If you have driven your car on the track or spend some time on the dyno, you have probably noticed that the harder you push your car, the weaker it gets. The main performance killer is definitely the engine backpressure which forces the turbo to work extra hard to reach the required boost levels. So, if you have already provided a free breathing path for the engine exhaust fumes of your 4C with our GMS 3" Modular exhaust system, then the next smart step would be to provide the engine with the much needed air cooling. By installing these GMS carbon side scoops, you will provide sufficient air flow to your engine to feed your air intake, cool your turbo and the most important provide far better intercooler air cooling than stock design. That will result in stable power through intensive tracking or dyno runs. Don't let your car be a single run dyno queen that will suffer performance loss due to the heat soak. Let it breath!

    Perhaps you're not even racing or tracking your 4C. Your beautiful 4C is seducing you just by its sleek design and looks. If that's you, then GMS carbon side scoops will add that extra admiring touch to your 4C and if you ever decide to give it a run, you'll be sure she breaths happily.

    ALFA ROMEO 4C - Carbon side scoops

      • Lightweight 220g / scoop
      • Plug and play
      • Handmade
      • Two separate parts joined into a beautifully shaped single piece carbon scoop
      • 2x2 Twill 3k carbon fiber, tempered and cured
      • Pure carbon, without fiberglass core
      • Natural carbon glossy finish with 3x clear coating
      • Increased engine cooling (Engine intake, turbo cooling, intercooler)
      • More than 60 hours spent for modelling, designing and shaping of this unique side scoops
      • Handmade (10 hours / pair)
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