ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Engine mount (race 75ShA)
  • Due to its soft rubber compound, Alfa Romeo 4C stock engine mount, allows a lot of movement of the engine, causing drivetrain power loss, stress on the drivetrain and jerky shifts. Frequent use of launch control and aggressive driving also stresses the stock rubber engine mount badly, causing it to fail premature. Problems become even more transparent with engine remap, semislick tires and frequent track or race use. To address this issue, we have developed performance engine mounts in durable and stiff race compound. With this upgraded engine mount, engine is now planted much more rigid, providing reduced drivetrain movement, better drivetrain efficiency and much more solid and crisp shifts.

    Centerhole is now sized to exactly fit the engine mount bolt, so no more worries of center bolt getting loose and start to rattle. GMS engine mount is 40% (200g) lighter than stock part, due to use of aluminum. Engine mount is 100% rust free and super rigid at minor NVH increase - depending of the compound selection.


    This upgrade is suitable for frequent track and race use. Installation requires pressing out the old bushings and pressing in new. Noise, vibration and harshness is increased, mostly noticeable at cold start.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Engine mount (race 75ShA)

      • Lightweight aluminium housing
      • Race / stiff compound 75ShA (60% stiffer than stock engine mount)
      • Lightweight 290g vs. stock 490g
      • Precise center hole machining to reduce engine mount bolt stress
      • Durable race compound damper
      • 100% rust free
      • Maintenance free
      • Fits all Alfa Romeo - 4C Coupe and Spider models
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