ALFA ROMEO - 4C - OCC System (oil catch can)
  • GMS OCC system. The only, plug and play solution on the market, to keep your 4C engine clean of oil sludge and carbon build up.

    Oil catch cans are simple devices that can greatly benefit especially DFI (direct fuel injection engines). They prevent oil and other contaminants from causing carbon and oil sludge buildup inside your engine and dirty oily engine bay. Here is how they work, and why you might care to install one on your own car.


    Alfa Romeo 4C's 1.75 Tbi engine is a DFI and has dual PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system that allows the breathing of the crankcase. While the engine is rotating there is pressure generated within the crankcase and the head. This air has to circulate, otherwise the pressure would build up and push the oil out of the engine, either through the oil pan, oil dipstick or any other path it could find. That is why the PCV is needed. The PCV collects the oily fumes and vapors circulating within the engine crankcase and separates the oil from air and then returns the partially cleaned air (oil, unburnt gas, carbon) back to the intake path where this air, then mixes with fresh air and it goes through combustion process, once again. This provides maintenance free and emission friendly system. All good, so what is the bad part?


    Recirculated and partially cleaned air enters in two locations. One is right after the turbo compressor and the second is right after the intake throttle body. The bad thing is that this partially cleaned air is messing up your entire engine as the intake system is getting oily and dirty, building up sludge. That is why you find oil in charge pipe, intercooler, intake, throttle body, etc. After time, engine bay will get greasy and oily as well. Not good, not nice. The second and even more serious issue which is especially a concern on DFI engines, is a carbon build up on the valves. Why? The dirty and oily air from the intake, travels through intake valves and exits through the exhaust valves. The exhaust valves are very hot, so most of the oily and dirty air burns, but the intake valves are not so hot and this oily and dirty air turns into carbon deposits and sits on the valves and inlet ports of the head and it is messing up your head internals. Older, non DFI engines, sprayed gasoline before the valves, which helped to keep the valves clean, but DFI engines spray gasoline directly into the cylinder, so the valves don’t get cleaned by the gasoline and therfor are far more prone to the carbon build up. Depending of your driving style and the engine oil you are using, your 4C engine starts to build up carbon deposits, from the day one you turn on the engine. You slowly start losing engine performance as the carbon build up takes the volume and head flow starts to decrease. In worst case scenario your head gets filled up with carbon deposits to the point, that the valves cannot operate properly anymore and this can cause a complete engine failure. There is also a chance, that a chunk of carbon build up tears off and drops in to the cylinder, jamming piston rings messing up the engine internals.


    Having a quality GMS OCC system installed on your DFI engine, the issues mentioned above are not a concern anymore.


    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - OCC System (oil catch can)

      • Aluminum T6-6061, billet, CNC, dual 300ml, OCC tanks (enough capacity for heavy tracking)
      • Smart filtering system (baffled, height split and filtered)
      • Dip stick for checking the OCC oil level
      • Twist & drain system for quick draining of the OCC
      • Drain port on the bottom of the OCC for optional bottom oil draining
      • All aluminum T6-6061 CNC construction
      • AN, full flow, aluminum, pushlock fittings
      • Fully serviceable (washable and replaceable mesh filter)
      • Incognito black anodized
      • Laser engraved logo
      • Plug and play
      • Weight 1430g
      • Fits all Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe or Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
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