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That's me.


If I had to choose one sentence to describe our past it would be: "Per aspera ad astra"

​Since the early years I used to play with toy cars and trucks, making all kind of sounds, drawing supercars, building Lego models or modding the toys. I could spend a whole day playing alone with my toys and when I saw any interesting car, Out on the streets, I always had to check the tacho and speed gauge of every sport car or bike I could. For me this was a kind of a performance index by that time.

I was probably an average kid in terms of talents and grades, except for the cars. I could build up Lego model car faster than any kid I knew back then without looking the instructions. I got bored by every model as soon as I got it assembled, so I modified and tuned it ASAP. On the street, by the age of 5 I could tell pretty much whatever car was it, solely by the sound or the headlights or rear lights at night. I was telling everyone that one day I'll become a car constructor when I grow up. I really had a passion for the cars. I enjoyed driving around in my kids bucket seat with my parents. I loved it best when we were in a hurry and drove faster than usually. My mother is always telling story how she had to rev the car on the stop lights to keep me from crying as a baby. Back than we had a Yugo 55, basic car that it was what a working class family could afford at that time. Yugo was not worth the mentioning, but it became somewhat legendary today.

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