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Dear customer,

My name is Rudi and I'm the CEO of GMS. Thank you for visiting us. I hope you enjoy your staying. Let me introduce you GMS in a few shord sentences.


GMS is a short name for GaleMotorSport, a passionate motorsport brand. Our passion is shared worldwide, through our GMS motorsport parts sales, by offering a thrilling driving experiences on the track - on the road and off-road, by organizing various motorsport events, by racing and by sharing our lifestyle and knowledge with you fellow motorsport enthusiast.

We are determined to provide a dedicated support and individual approach to our beloved customers. With our services, we help our customers set up their car, understand the dynamics of the car and evolve as a driver. Our goal is to make cars more capable and more driver focused. Our cars are loud, raw, intimidating, capable, sometimes hard to tame, but full of emotions, and we want to emphasize and share this with you. We strive for minimalism, simplicity and perfection, but above all, we emphasize the emotional connection between the driver and the car. We tune the cars and we enjoy the cars.

To be able to follow our ideology and vision, GMS brings together expert individuals, each specialized in its own area of motorsport. We are proud of each GMS member and highly depend on it.

GMS distribution network operates worldwide.

Rudi Gale - CEO

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