Performance optimization for your car

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Performance optimization (Ask for price...)

We can make your car faster, sharper, better, wilder. A whole new experience waiting for you.

  • Bespoke solutions (Alignment, suspension damping, tire selection, engine tuning, complete optimization etc.)

  • Price (Depending of the demands)


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Motorsport wheel alignment (From 50,00€ onwards)

Unmatched precision with top end Hunter - Hawkeye Elite alignment machine.

  • Weight balancing (Up to 150 kg of balast weights simulating driver and fuel)

  • Regulary re-balanced machine

  • Ultra precise alignment (3D laser scanned)

  • Custom specs (Got a specific settings in mind? No problem.)

  • Suggestion (We can setup the car for your specific needs of DRIFT / GRIP / ENDURANCE)

  • Price (50,00€ up to 30 min. + 25,00€ every additional 30 min.)


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Corner balancing (From 140,00€ onwards)

World renowned corner balancing scales - Longacre Hybrid Wired

  • Weight balancing (Up to 150 kg of balast weights simulating driver and fuel)

  • 0.25 mm flat and bind free surface

  • 0.5 kg weight precision scales

  • Motorsport wheel alignment recommended before corner balancing

  • Quick check wheel alignment before corner balancing

  • Quick check wheel alignment after balancing

  • Motorsport wheel alignment recommended afterwards

  • Price (140,00€ up to 60 min. + 25,00€ every additional 30 min.)


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Suspension damping (Ask for price...)

Finding the perfect spring rates and appropriate damping settings

  • Spring rate calculation and suggestion

  • 1-way, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way adjustment (Low speed / high speed rebound, Low speed / high speed compression)

  • Optimizing handling charasteristics (Understeer, oversteer)

  • Ontrack adjustment and testing

  • Price (Depending of the demands)




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Dyno (From 60,00€ onward)

Engine dyno in colaboration with dyno specialist - Enigma Motorsport

  • FWD / RWD / AWD compatible

  • Dyno brake application (Wind, hill, load simulation)

  • Fan cooling (Providing air flow to the engine intake and cooling system)

  • Quick roller system (Fast setup)

  • SAE corrected (Barometric pressure, relative humidity, and air temp)

  • Calibrated

  • Highly skilled operators

  • Price (60,00€ includes 3 dyno runs + 15,00€ every additonal run)

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ECU tuning (Ask for price...)

Individual engine tuning in colaboration with ECU tuning specialist - Enigma Motorsport

  • High end dyno unit

  • On dyno and ontrack testing

  • A brand new standalone ECU mapping

  • Optimizing previously tuned ECU

  • Stock ECU reflash

  • Price (Depending of the demands)


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Mechanical work (50,00€ / hour)

From regular maintenance to race engine rebuild. You name it, we do it.

  • Engine works (Block boring, block honing, head porting, assembly)

  • Chassis works (Alignment rack, refinforcements, custom needs, etc.)

  • Suspension works (Installation of coilovers, swaybars, etc.)

  • Body works (Damage repair, paint job, etc.)

  • Exhaust systems (Custom exhaust solutions)

  • Other generic mechanical work

  • Price (Depending of the demands)


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Street / Track / Race car (Ask for price...)

Street, track or race car. We will bring up the performance and down your lap times.

  • Street (Building street legal TÜV eligible car for you)

  • Track (Building track focused car for you, with or without street legal requirements)

  • Race (Building dedicated race car beast for you)

  • Price (Depending of the demands)

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