ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon fiber rear louver
  • Duplicating OEM parts is one thing, making new part from the scratch is another. Endless hours are spend shaping the form to combine the looks and effectiveness. So what are the achievements?


    Ultralight, sub 980g, high-flow, rigid, rear carbon louver, to replace OEM rear windshield and significantly reduce engine bay temperatures, aero lift and weight.


    This product was designed and based on inspiration of legendary Ferrari F40 and modernized by latest aero and carbon fiber know-how. By it's open design concept, it provides significant decrease of engine bay temperature by effectively dragging hot air out. Up to 29% lower engine bay temperature compared to OEM closed rear windscreen, means reduced heatsoak, and lower IAT (intake air temperature) which means steady and stable engine power. Even though the engine power stability is the most noticeable in race or track driving conditions, also dyno runs show better power stability.


    Due to its sleek design, without any sharp edges or tilted vents, the airstream flow above the car takes no negative effects. CAD analyze also shows slight decrease in drag and noticeably reduced, unwanted, aero lift effect, which means higher top speed and more downforce.


    While this is a highly recommended upgrade for track users it can also add an aggressive look to your 4C and provide a carbon fiber part add-on to live-up your exterior to go along with other 4C carbon parts. 


    This part is 100% pure carbon, without fiberglass core, tempered and cured, made of 2x2 Twill 3k carbon fiber to match the rest of the OEM carbon parts of your 4C. It comes in raw carbon or optional 3x clear coat finish.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon fiber rear louver

      • Significantly, up to 29% reduced engine bay temperatures (Engine intake, turbo cooling, intercooler)
      • Reduced aero lift and increased downforce
      • CAD analyzed design for optimal airstream
      • Ultralightweight with less than 980g vs. 6kg OEM rear glass window
      • Designed to replace OEM rear windscreen
      • 2x2 Twill 3k carbon fibre, tempered and cured
      • Pure carbon, without fiberglass core
      • Natural carbon glossy finish with 3x clear coating
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