ALFA ROMEO - 4C - 3'' 200 CPSI cat
  • If you are looking for the high flow cat and still need emission control and don't want to sacrifice the flow and performance, than look no further. Handbuilt, TIG welded 3" cat with 200 CPSI is simple and efficient design that provides all the flow you will ever need for your 4C pushing up to 450 HP without worrying of exhaust system being the bottle neck. Drastic temperature drop in the exhaust system in the turbo and least possible backpressure. Engine stability on the track is immensely improved. Engine bay temp is reduced and engine response is increased. This cat is N/CE rated and legal in most countries, but please check your laws and requirements for street driving your car.


    This GMS 3" 200 CPSI high flow catalyic converter is a part of fully modular GMS 3'' exhaust system and can be combined with all the other GMS exhaust parts you need.


    Next step is GMS 3" Midpipe.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - 3'' 200 CPSI cat

      • Lightweight 1.090g vs. stock cat (4.200g cat + 620g bracket)
      • Plug and play
      • 200 CPSI High flow core
      • Compatible with GMS 3" Downpipe
      • 3'' / 76mm diameter
      • Simple and effective high flow design
      • Hand built
      • Back purged TIG welded
      • Quick release V-band clamps for easy installation
      • T304 Stainless steel
      • Less engine heat
      • Less backpressure
      • Less turbo lag
      • Better throttle response
      • Faster gear shifts
      • Laser engraved GMS logo
      • Requires GMS 3" Downpipe
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