• Among all the exhaust systems on the market we couldn't have find one that would suit our requirements so we built a complete 3'' modular exhaust system for Alfa Romeo 4C from a scratch.


    We decided to offer "one of a kind" exhaust. Unique, state of art, hand built and fully modular exhaust system. I believe we've set a new standard for exhaust system on 4C. All the exhaust components are made to the highest precision, hand can build. Each component of GMS 3'' Modular Exhaust System is built on a prototype jig, so there is no difference between yours and your neighbors 3'' GMS exhaust, except the loudness, depending on your component selection. GMS 3'' Modular Exhaust System consists of 1x stock + 3x GMS QR V-bands. Exhaust component angles and exhaust end tips alignment is achieved by changing angles on the V-bands. So far, until now, each and every other exhaust on the market, even the most exotic exhaust manufacturers for 4C utilize simple, classic exhaust clamps with "slip-on" system and "bolt-on" tips to get away with build tolerances and weldings are in most cases average. Don't worry, that's not the case in our exhaust system.


    If you have already put our 3'' Modular exhaust system - Downpipe + 3'' Modular exhaust system - 200 CPSI cat or 3'' Modular exhaust system - Decat in your shopping cart then you are yet one step closer towards unleashing true engine performance of your Alfa Romeo 4C.


    To connect the 3'' Modular exhaust system - Downpipe + 200 CPSI cat or decat, this midpipe section is the component you are looking for. Handbuilt, TIG welded, high end, 6 pie cuts design for precise fitment and superior look, integrated smooth interior flex pipe to prevent rattle, vibrations and exhaust cracking.


    This midpipe is part of a fully modular GMS 3'' exhaust system and can be combined with all the other exhaust parts you need. You can choose between street, sport or race components all compatible in between.

    ALFA ROMEO 4C - 3'' Modular exhaust system - Midpipe

      • Lightweight 1990g vs. stock 2420g
      • Plug and play
      • Compatible with 3'' Modular exhaust system - 200 CPSI cat or Decat
      • 3'' / 76mm diameter
      • Simple and effective high flow design
      • High end, smooth interior flexi pipe incorporated
      • Handbuilt
      • Backpurged TIG welded
      • Quick release V-band clamps for easy installation
      • T304 Stainless steel
      • Laser engraved GMS logo
      • Heat sink designed oxygen sensor port
      • Requires 3'' Modular exhaust system - 200 CPSI cat or decat
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