• We have designed aluminum camber and caster shims in thickness of 4mm to add aditional camber or caster to your car if needed. To run aggressive track/race alignment with front running -2° to 3° of camber and +4° to 5° of caster you need a huge amount of 1mm, stock alignment shims and then everything becomes a big messy pile of stock shims. If you want to tidy up your car or you are lacking of camber or caster, this aluminum 4mm shims are the way to go.


    Shims are designed to work with stock Alfa Romeo, GMS and Alfaworks parts.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Front camber and caster adjustment shims 4mm (alu)

      • Can be used for camber and caster adjustment
      • 4mm aluminium
      • Precision water cut (-/+ 0.20mm)
      • Maintenance free
      • Lightweight - 120g
      • Sold as a set (8 spacers)
      • Compatible with stock and Alfaworkshop spacers
      • Fits all Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and Spider
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