New, updated design. Now featuring inbuilt perforated Y-pipe split inside the silencer for more efficient control of dB levels (quiter and less drone) and more aesthetic dual tips exit. This version is also compatible with GMS adjustable swaybars, OEM and other aftermarket swaybars.


This dual center out with resonator is the final part GMS 3'' exhaust system.


Lightweight (3.990g + 200g bracket) vs. stock (7.820g + 500g bracket) vs. stock race (4.200g + 500g bracket), TIG hand welded and back purged T304 stainless steel. GMS unique, pie cut design, for one of a kind look, unmatched flow and significant weight reduction.


This is silenced, resonated version of the exhaust suggested for street, track or race use with dB limitations. For louder, unrestricted, superlight and the meanest version, you can choose dB unlimited GMS 3" Dual center out non resonated exhaust.

ALFA ROMEO - 4C - 3'' Dual center out resonated rear silencer

    • Lightweight (3.990g + 200g bracket) vs. stock (7.820g + 500g bracket) vs. stock race (4.200g + 500g bracket).
    • Plug and play.
    • 3'' / 76mm diameter.
    • Simple and effective high flow design.
    • Y pipe resonator integrated to decrease drone.
    • High end.
    • 19 pie cuts design for precise fitment and superior look.
    • Smart and minimalistic mount with rubber damping to prevent exhaust vibrations and cracking.
    • Backpurged TIG welded.
    • Quick release V-band clamps for easy installation.
    • T304 Stainless steel.
    • Laser engraved GMS logo.
    • Requires GMS 3'' Midpipe.
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